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Yarm Gala 15th June 2014 - more information.

Yarm Gala 15th June 2014 - more information.

Yarm Gala 15th June 2014 - more information.

Yarm Gala 15th June 2014 - more information.

Yarm Gala 15th June 2014 - more information.

Yarm Gala 15th June 2014 - more information.

Yarm Gala 15th June 2014 - more information.

Yarm Fair 17th - 19th October 2013 - more information.

Yarm Roll of Honour 1 of 2 - more information.

Yarm Roll of Honour 2 of 2 - more information.

Remembrance Day, 10th November 2013 - more information.

Carol Service & Lighting of the Tree - more information.

 April Meetings:

 Yarm 1914 - Wed 9th at 7pm
 Parish Assembly - Tue 22nd at 7pm
 Recreation Wed 23rd at 7pm

Yarm Town Council - Summary of Discussion with
Stockton Borough Council 9th April 2014

In terms of context and history, the issue of the cobbles in Yarm has been with us
for many years and whilst they are an intrinsic part of the landscape and heritage
of the town they are a form of road construction that does not lend itself to modern traffic and to the needs of residents who are disabled, are unsteady on their feet, in wheelchairs or when trying to manoeuvre pushchairs over them. In 2013 we commissioned a study of Yarm high street by a consultant that specialises in access for disabled people and in that report it identified serious difficulties for people in wheelchairs in being able to cross areas of the cobbles. Coupled with that we are currently spending around £50,000 per annum on maintenance of the cobbled areas as this type of road surface is prone to damage to a much greater extent than tarmac surfacing as the cobbles are lifted by the scrubbing effect of the tyres of cars and on the area near the town hall this is greatly increased by the fact that it is a bus turning area , a loading area for the shops and a taxi rank. Over the years this area has suffered from severe damage and although repairs have been carried out it is not financially sustainable to do so.

For these reasons we have been looking at a long term solution to this area and developed a design that recognises the historic nature of the town and the setting of the town hall as well as offering a range of enhancements . These include a surface that is level and user friendly for wheelchairs and pushchairs, is a safe access to the disabled toilet in the town hall, is hard wearing, and includes improved lighting of the town hall building. We will also be cleaning the war memorial and providing lighting to the memorial. The initial design was tested against the English heritage guidance and was agreed with our historic buildings officer.

We have consulted upon the design of the proposed works with the Town council, Chamber of Trade and the Showmen's Guild. Meetings with the town council occurred on the following dates :
19th November 2013 - concept shared
12th December 2013 - updated design and materials discussed
30th January 2014 - final design agreed 4th April 2014 - programme for delivery agreed

We consulted with the Showmen's guild at the meetings of the town council on 30th January 2014 and at a special site meeting on 4th February 2014 to ensure that the Yarm Fair can still be accommodated within the new public realm area.

We took the designs to the Chamber of trade along with the proposals for the street lighting in Yarm on two occasions in 2013.

In terms of providing information to the public this has been done via leaflets to residents on the high street and a display from 3rd March 2013 in the library which went up prior to the street lights being installed and set out the investment plan. Since then on Saturday 5th April 2014 we have put on display the detailed design and programme for the public realm works and have printed for distribution another leaflet to go to the residents of the high street and to businesses. Sample materials will also be going into the library for display purposes.

The concerns over the railings around the war memorial are to be taken on board and we agreed that the existing railings are not particularly good but there was a need to have some security and protection in place. Therefore we will be commissioning a new set of railings to be designed with input from YTC and hopefully by a local supplier.

In terms of the long stay car parks we can confirm that the Armadi car park is due to go to committee on 7th May and although there has been and will be challenges by the adjoining land owner we are confident of our legal position on this application. The Barclays site did raise some issues from Sainsbury’s but that has been resolved and we will continue to pursue the lease agreement albeit Barclays are causing some delays while they review their position.

Thanks for meeting with us and I hope we can continue to work together to deliver solutions to the problems that exist for the community in Yarm
Mike Chicken

Yarm Gala 2014 Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year Yarm Town Council hosts a Gala on the High Street in Yarm.
Supporting community events like the popular Yarm Gala are a perfect opportunity
to enhance your company profile and many of the events would not be possible
without such sponsorship support.

For more information on how to get involved and support the Yarm Gala 2014
please email: town.clerk@yarmtowncouncil.org.uk or call (01642) 788762

If you would like to be involved, either with holding a stall, or putting on a display, please contact the Clerk to the Council, Mrs Maureen Milburn, on (01642) 788762 for further information.

Community Orchard update8th April 2014.

Jack Garrett Local boy Jack Garrett, aged 2 years, of The slayde, shows his commitment to the project
 as he puts the finishing top soil to a tree in Snaiths field community orchard.

 If you would like to learn how you and your family can get involved, Please contact
 Cllr Chatburn 01642 789982 or email mark.chatburn@stockton.gov.uk

Councillor Election update31st March 2014.

The nominations for town councillors and the election time table can be viewed by clicking on the links below

Click here to view the 'Statement of Persons Nominated'
Click here to view the 'Election Timetable'

Northumbrian Water Work17th March 2014.
Northumbrian Water Logo

Northumbrian Water is to carry out essential Asset Renewal works on Worsall Road, Yarm. This will be from the junction with Turton Road down to the A67 The Spital junction.
The works will take approximately 70 working days and are due to commence on 17th March 2014.
Two Way Traffic Signals will be used at all times, and Three Way Signals when they reach the junctions with Turton Road / The Meadowings and A67.

A letter drop will take place prior to work commencing on site.
Work will be monitored on a daily basis.


HERITAGE-style street lighting and improved access to the Town Hall and war memorial form part of a Stockton Council investment of over £500,000 in Yarm.

The improvements will complement the recently announced plans to create two new long-stay car parks – each with around 40 spaces – near the town’s High Street.

Work to install the new street lighting columns and short-stay pay and display meters on the High Street is due to start in March and is expected to last around six weeks.

Work to improve the paving and lighting around Yarm’s Town Hall and war memorial is scheduled to get under way in April and due for completion in July.

Councillor Mike Smith, Stockton Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport, said: “We have planned these works very carefully alongside Yarm Town Council, the Chamber of Trade and the Showmen’s Guild.

“As a result, we have been able to make arrangements to ensure minimal disruption to Yarm Gala and programme the works so they will be complete before the town’s First World War centenary commemorations in August".

“We will be cleaning the town’s war memorial in time for those events and installing new lighting to illuminate the Town Hall in spectacular style at night. The new paving there will improve disabled access and help people with prams and pushchairs".

“All of these works will be sympathetic to the High Street’s unique character and attractive environment. There will inevitably be some disruption but we will keep people informed and do all that we can to keep it to a minimum.”

Yarm Town Council Chairman, Councillor Peter Monck, added: “This is obviously a big investment in Yarm. For us it's great that Stockton Council is investing in enhancing the town and in particular, the area around the Town Hall which is the centrepiece.

“We have worked very closely with the Council to move these works forward and to plan them in a way that keeps disruption to a minimum. These are high quality improvements using high quality materials and we look forward to seeing the results.”

The new street lighting will be complemented by enhanced CCTV coverage of the High Street area, improving community safety.

The High Street’s Pelican crossings will be upgraded to Puffin crossings equipped with sensors to give people the time they need to cross.

Stockton Council has submitted planning applications to create long-stay car parks behind Barclays Bank’s Yarm High Street branch and behind the Blue Bell pub.

Information about the works will go on display in Yarm Library in the coming weeks.

CAPTION (left to right): Councillor Mike Smith, Stockton Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport and Yarm Town Council Chairman, Councillor Peter Monck, look at Stockton Council’s plans to invest £500,000 in Yarm.

Pick Your Own17th January 2014.

The seeds have been sown for what' is believed to be Teesside's first free to-pick community orchard at a park in Yarm.

The ambitious plans will see a large area of currently unused and overgrown land on Snaith's Field cleared and planted with an array of edible fruit-bearing trees and bushes, including apples, pears, and a number of wild berries. The fruit will be free for any resident to pick.

Details of the orchard were announced by UKIP councillor Mark Chatburn, who represents Yarm on both Stockton Borough and Yarm Town Councils. But he was quick to give credit for the idea to local residents.

He said: "I am absolutely delighted we have seen the plans progress so quickly, and I'm hopeful we will be able to go crack on with the planting during the coming weeks". "It was been a bugbear of mine for sometime that such a large area of Snaith's Field was not just unused, ..but unusable. That we are able to remedy this, and in such a productive manner, is incredibly pleasing. "I'm hopeful that, as well as making the whole area more attractive generally, the orchard will go some way to encouraging healthy eating and help to educate children about where the food on our tables comes from:'

The plans have been drawn up in partnership with residents neighbouring Snaith's Field. In 2011, the field, off Bentley Wynd at the southern end of Yarm high street, was controversially touted as the site for a new boules pitch, but the scheme never materialised after residents protested. The idea for the community orchard is attributed to local resident Carole Jones, who had come across similar schemes elsewhere in the country.

The ongoing tending to the orchard will be provided by a group of volunteers, including Carole, guided by Yarm Town councillor Bob Wegg, who holds responsibilty of the town's allotments on the town council. The orchard is planned to be delivered at no cost to 'Yarm Town Council'.

A number of plants have been donated by local businesses, with the balance having been paid for out of the ward budget of the Stockton borough councillors, including Conservative councillor- Andrew Sherris. Weather permitting, the planting is due to go ahead this spring and local school children will be invited to get involved once dates are firmed up.

The fruit could include apple and cherry trees, bushes like blackcurrant, redcurrant and whitecurrant and sweet peas. It's hoped the first fruit will be ready for picking in summer 2015.

Organisers are happy to take donated plants and cuttings. Please contact Cllr Chatburn 01642 789982 or email mark.chatburn@stockton.gov.uk